Is Diet More Important Than Exercising?

By Howe Russ

Is diet more important than exercise or vice versa? This is a question which people around the world have contemplated for years, often to no conclusion. Today we will help you to reach that conclusion for yourself.

The reason people tend to hear so many contradicting answers to this question comes down to the fact that many people base their final decision on what has worked for them in the past. While both aspects have proven benefits, the chances are if you pose this question to somebody who is always trying the latest trendy nutritional program they will heavily support eating habits as the most important factor.

Of course, if you pay a visit to the other end of the spectrum and speak to somebody who loves going to the gym you would hear the direct opposite answer. You'll be told that you can get away with eating your favorite snacks and junk foods providing you are able to put in the work in the weights room to burn them off. The big question is which approach is the right one?

Actually, it's neither.

You may have heard people trying to put percentages on the importance of each factor, often saying things like "It's 70 percent what you eat and only 30 percent training" or the other way around. This is a nonsense approach usually used by people who are unwittingly planning to work harder at one aspect than the other.

Following just one principle tends to make people fall into one of two potential categories. While everybody is different in build and stature, there are certain stereotypical features to watch out for here. The next time you are having a discussion about how to lose weight and this matter pops up, take a look at the individual in question and they will probably fit into one of two fields:

* The person who consistently follows new eating plans, often picked up from celebrity gossip magazines or New Year weight loss plans. They don't combine this with regular exercise, though, and even though they are able to drop some pounds through a healthier lifestyle they don't actually look any healthier at all. They haven't worked out, so their body is no more toned than it was three months ago.

* The guy at your local gym who always seems to be there no matter what time you workout. Every gym has at least one of these characters who believes that more exercise leads to more results. The main issue for this person is that they love the physical act of exercise but they completely neglect to watch what they eat. As a result they are able to build a bit of lean muscle but tend to have additional fat storage around their midsection.

If you only pay attention to one factor, or you choose to place way more importance on one over the other, then your destiny is shown in the two stereotypes revealed above. Why would you do this? As somebody trying to build a better body, it simply would not make sense.

It's almost like trying to decide whether fuel is more important than your car. At the end of the day, neither is very useful on their own. The correct approach is to apply both factors to your lifestyle and realize that neither is more important than the other. They are not in competition for your attention, they are two things which are designed to work together. If you are able to apply the basic principles of a good nutritional plan and a healthy workout program you will see positive change and the results will be sustainable, too.
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The final word on this subject goes to bodybuilder Jay Cutler. During a recent tv spot, an interviewer asked the question is diet more important than exercise and the response was excellent. It's one hundred percent exercise, and it is also one hundred percent diet. This concept works whether you are trying to get into bodybuilding or simply trying to learn how to lose weight more effectively.

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