Body Wraps 101: What To Realistically Expect From A Body Wrap

By Ginger Taylor

Do you have a few important questions you really need answered before you are willing to try Body Wraps to lose inches? If that is the case continue reading.

We are about to scrutinize some of the most commonly asked questions people are asking about using this not so new method of body contouring without surgery.

Do body wraps really help with losing weight?

According to the FDA there is no substantial evidence to indicate that they lead to weight loss. The counterpoint is there is no evidence to suggest that they don't. Before you make a decision based solely in what the FDA says, lets also keep in mind that they are the same agency that allows a certain amount of insects, maggots, mold, and rodent hair in our food! (Google it)

How many inches can I expect to lose?

It is vital to know that the best results come with steady use. Body wraps are not a single use wonder-working solution for your challenged areas. Some people have experienced a loss of one to as much as eleven inches from their very first wrap. There is no exact number to expect because each and every person is different.

There are quite a few customer reviews from people that claim losses as high as 30 inches and sometimes more. A good number of these people did not lose all those inches from just one solo wrap. Many of them are wrapping twice every week. Some are not only getting wrapped, but are consuming nutritional supplements such as greens and fat fighters.

What are the possible downsides of a body wrap?

If you are using a detoxifying It Works ultimate body applicator, you could possibly bloat temporarily. It Works Distributors get excited about people that bloat because they normally end up seeing dramatic inch loss after 24 hours.

If you are a smoker, drinker, a prescription medicine taker, or have an extremely bad diet (lots of fast food and or unbalanced meals), chances are you might not see immediate results with your initial wrapping.

If you neglect to drink sufficient water you could have problems with dehydration. It is positively imperative that you always drink lots of water when getting wrapped.

Quite a few people have very sensitive skin and could have allergic reactions to ingredients. One way to prevent this is to test the ingredients on a small portion of your skin to test for allergic reactions.

How many body wraps will it take before I achieve any inch loss?

As mentioned earlier, that may vary depending on the person but the average person ordinarily achieve some noticeable inch loss after approximately 4 body wraps. Other people may never see any inch loss with body wraps because of their body makeup or special circumstances (such as chemicals in the body from smoking, alcohol, prescription medication etc)... The only way to really know is to try them out.

Does the process hurt?

On the contrary, wraps are an extremely good way to pamper yourself and relax. If you ever have any type of pain you should consult your doctor right away, as that is not normal.

Can I really do it myself or should I go to a spa?

Yes! Many people can't afford to head over to a spa and so now there are easy to use home kits that are relatively cheaper.

Hope this helps you make an informed decision.

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