Basalt CO Chiropractic Doctor Offers Postural Correction Therapy

By Carlene Eriksson

Good posture is important to your appearance. It can also be important to retaining a healthy, pain-free existence throughout your life. Posture that is lacking can cause aches, dysfunction and in some cases, major pain. A leading Aspen CO wellness chiropractor focuses practice on achieving and maintaining good posture in those who follow the dictates of wellness care.

Standing up straight is not the only thing that constitutes good posture. It is also the position of your body in relation to the area around you. As a form of nonverbal language it shows self-confidence and a good attitude.

If the skeleton is well balanced, it protects the rest of the body. Good balance is not responsible for developing a deformity. If joints remain in the optimal position, the minimal amount of stress is placed on the body.

When the muscles have to compensate for improperly placed joints, stress may be placed on them. Muscular tension does not further a healthy back. Also, the wear and tear on the joints is damaging.

Poor posture may be put into one of two categories. It may be structural, which is due to anatomical irregularities. If it is positional, it can be attributed to the individual in some way.

Your first appointment with the chiropractor will be spent evaluating your posture. You will demonstrate how you sit, stand and walk across the room. You may have poor posture in any these exhibitions.

When you meet with the chiropractor for the first time, your posture will be evaluated. You will be observed in a standing and seated position. You will show how you walk across a room.

A spinal examination includes visual observation, palpation and possibly an x-ray. Your flexibility is evaluated. Your legs and arms will be measured and compared to normal statistics. The strength of your muscles is also measured.

Following the exam a program of care will be formulated. It may include manipulation, heat applications and massage. Exercises to strengthen muscles, ligaments, bones and nerves may be recommended to do at home.

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