How A Laguna Hills Chiropractic Office Helps Relieve Whiplash

By Selena Chery

Whiplash is a neck injury that involves trauma to the soft tissues, nerves and upper spine. The whipping motion of the head and neck upon force will damage the surrounding muscles and cause upper cervical misalignment. Medication alone cannot correct the structural problems and requires alternative strategy with a Laguna Hills chiropractor to relieve symptoms and prevent the condition from deteriorating.

Many who have sustained a whiplash injury experience symptoms days to months after the accident. The force responsible for damages can occur with car collisions as the body remains restrained upon impact and the head and neck thrown forward. Accidents require immediate attention to identify the trauma that has been sustained by the musculoskeletal system and the application of corrective therapy.

Misalignment of neck vertebrae results from force and relies on adjustments to restore health and balance. Misaligned joints cause compression of the nerves and limits the ability to move in a stress free manner. The safe and gentle performance of adjustments will realign the affected vertebrae to prevent further nerve pressure and physical disturbances.

Slight muscle tears and tension associated with whiplash lead to stiffness and pain. Exercises including gentle neck movements must be performed to alleviate restrictions and promote healthy circulation in affected areas. A chiropractor will recommend stimulation techniques to support muscle health and minimize scar tissue.

Work duties and lifestyle are examined to prevent additional pressure on upper cervical recovery. When injuries are under stress, it inhibits healing and can cause complications. Individualized methods determined according to symptom severity and the nature of the condition can aid in relieving poor function that is preventing against balance and long term well-being.

Chiropractic is gentle and kind to the body working with physical systems to promote long term wellness. Whiplash is a common injury that can cause severe dysfunction, but with the right care, can be recovered with ease. To prevent the worsening of nerve, tissue and joint function it is important to consult with an experienced chiropractor.

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