Can You Lose Fat And Build Muscle Simultaneously?

By Russ Howe

If you walk into any gym and ask a person for their fitness goals, it's likely you'll hear them tell you that they want to learn how to build muscle and lose fat simultaneously. The trouble is most people don't accomplish either goal.

Today, we shall look at what prevents most individuals from accomplishing their goals.

While those who are in their first few weeks of training are able to enjoy both fat loss and hypertrophy because of the shock caused to their body by their new healthy and active lifestyle, this period is short lived. Before too long they need to make a choice. What is more important to you right now?

Those who want to learn how to lose weight need to know that the first rule is calorie deficits. In order to drop unwanted body weight you must consume less than you do right now. The thing is, this is the direct opposite of the instruction for building.

Those who are looking to build an impressive muscular physique will need to work at a calorie surplus, meaning that they have to consume more calories per day than they currently do right now.

When results from your new healthy lifestyle start to slow down you will reach the crossroads which call for you to make a decision. What direction to you want to go in? The two proven calorie rules cannot co-exist, after all. Most people never set this goal and struggle to see any change, instead just treading water in the gym years after year.

Take some time and work out what you believe is more important right now. In the next three months you should focus purely on one thing. Once you reach your desired level, begin focusing on the other.

Once 'Goal A' has been achieved you can move straight on to 'Goal B.'

By separating each goal you will notice results far easier to come by.

When it comes to hypertrophy the old principles haven't changed much over the years, either. If you deem your primary goal to be adding size and strength then you should apply some of the old classic rules such as compound exercises, high carbohydrates and plenty of good sleep.
If you don't know how to build muscle today's interview will assist you a lot.

Figuring out how to lose weight or how to build muscle isn't rocket science. The fact is most people already know the basics, such as calorie deficits and surpluses, but they struggle to separate each goal and never truly get any further forward as a result.

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