Living Healthy Is Not Difficult

By Susan Small

You need only watch the news or surf the web to know that many of the people in America are severely overweight. It does not have to be this way if you are willing to put your health first and are willing t do what it takes to regain and maintain a healthy body.

Finding several small changes that can be made in your daily living should not be difficult. Healthy living is imperative especially as your body ages. You will live a more pain-free and higher quality life if you make healthy choices as you go through the day.

If you are not drinking 64 ounces of water each day, you should be. Most people do not put enough fluids into their body leaving them missing out on the many benefits this miracle liquid has to offer. You can increase your water intake gradually until you reach the target amount of sixty four ounces.

Since it can be difficult to track calories all day long, if you eat the healthy foods (protein, fruits and vegetables) first, you will be less likely to fill up on calorie rich carbohydrates. Proteins and fruits and vegetables are you best friends when it comes to losing weight and having increased energy.

Many people eat even though they are not hungry. Make an effort to not whether you are really hungry or if you are being faced with a situation that makes comfort food seem like a good idea. We tend to do a lot of eating when we are bored or dealing with some other emotion.

A good fitness plan is key to getting and staying healthy. You can start out with just 15 minutes a day if you have not exercised recently. Forty-five to 60 minutes or even a little longer five times a week is a good target for aerobic exercise. Strength training can begin at 30 minutes each week. You should shoot for an hour a week and two hours is even better.

Good health requires that you do resistance exercises. In home options, such as; DVDs, stability balls and resistance bands offer the most convenient way of getting a regular workout for your muscles. Stretching exercises should also be done regularly.

Getting healthy can be accomplished by making simple changes and with little impact to your schedule. It takes making your health a priority. Once that happens, you will find the time to exercise, plan healthy meals and see that you life has balance.

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