How To Increase Your Metabolism For Weight Loss

By Goeeda Reayaon

Increasing the metabolic rate can be advantageous for individuals who are trying to shed off excess pounds. This process is the one responsible for turning the food we eat and stored fats in our bodies to energy. If you're wondering how to increase your metabolism, read on. Below are some 5 effective examples.

First tip: Have your breakfast. Many people don't realize that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so they usually skip it. It helps fire up your metabolism and gives you energy throughout the day. According to studies, people who regularly eat breakfast have lesser weight problems than those who don't.

Second, perform aerobic exercises. Aerobic or cardio exercises are superb for expending all those excess calories. As a bonus, your body will continue to burn calories long after you've finished working out. Fortunately, you got plenty of aerobic routines to choose from, such as biking, roller skating, walking, swimming, dancing, and much more.

Third tip: Eat frequently. Having 5 to 6 small meals throughout the day is much better than having 3 huge ones. And it's definitely much better than crash dieting. Eating regularly keeps your metabolic rate running. Besides, doing so will keep you satisfied, so you don't resort to bingeing.

Fourth tip: Have more protein. It's important to maintain muscle mass as it eats up calories even while you're at rest. One way of doing so is by eating protein. What's more, your body needs more energy to digest and process protein. This way, you tend to lose a lot more calories right after having chicken, fish, eggs, legumes and the likes.

Fifth, drink green tea. Green tea is a refreshing beverage containing lots of antioxidants. But drinking it is also another means on how to increase your metabolism effectively. Coffee can provide you with the same benefit, thanks to its caffeine content. However, it also yields some health problems, especially when taken excessively.